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Model: Jifundishe Free Library

the model (www.jifundishe.org)

  • In 2009, the 2,500 sq ft Jifundishe Free Library opened.
  • Large indoor seating space, multi-purpose community room, 600 sq ft onsite staff house, solar power.
  • Over 5,000 books for children, students, adults and teachers.
  • Computer lab

the success

  • Tanzanian Board of Directors comprised of local leaders and volunteers resulting in ownership and investment in the success of the Library.
  • Board responds to community needs.
  • Functions as a community center for social and health issues.
  • Serves as a base for the initiation of income-producing projects.

the outcomes

  • An Independent Study Program prepares students to take and pass the national exam making them eligible for university.
  • In 2010, 40 students in the IS Program (aged 15-55), took the exam with a100% pass rate compared to a 50% pass rate in government schools.
  • Adult literacy classes.
  • Three successful Women’s Cooperatives
  • Local teachers attribute their school’s increases in test scores to the Library providing access to textbooks and tutors for their students.