The Maktaba Project believes that the unique concept of a library/community center in villages in rural Tanzania have the power to transform a village. Education is the lever for increasing economic growth. There can be no second tier of quality for children. Maktaba Learning Libraries have a real chance of raising literacy and poverty rates in these villages.

We need your help, and we ask you to join us in creating these centers. Your funds will be used for books, both in English and Swahili, for children and adults. You will also help fund programs – women’s and girls empowerment, farming information, heath and nutrition based programs and many more.

Donations are made through The Friends of The Maktaba Project, Inc. a U.S. 501(c)(3) and you will receive a tax deduction. Download the Friends of Maktaba Project, Inc. donation form here or click on the DONATE button below to make a donation now.