Blog: April 30, 2015

April 30, 2015

Makatba Project Board Members Stephen and Judith Smith are in Tanzania share the following:

We woke up to sunshine and a traffic free ride downtown to The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, for a 10 o’clock meeting with Minister Shukuru Kawamba. We were joined by a woman who is in charge of 8.3 million primary & 1.8 million secondary school students. A daunting job to say the least.

In the midst of huge raindrops we rushed to a meeting at The Japanese Embassy, but were 1/2 hour late. Noriko Tanaka, Second Secretary, was only able to meet for a short time. She will follow-up with Ambassador Mahiga, Maktaba Project Managing Director.

Still raining as we climbed quite a lot of stairs to the National Central Library. We were greeted by Dr. Alli Mcharazo, the Tanzanian Library Services Board Director General. We toured the Library, and it was clear additional funds were needed. They are in the process in converting their card files to a computerized Dewey Decimal system. This is going to take quite along time.

Lunch meeting with Simran Bindra. He and his partner head Kokoa Kamili. The cocoa beans come from the Kilombero Valley. Simran pays smallholder farmers premium prices for cocoa leaves that he ferments, drys and exports. Mast Brothers in Brooklyn is one of his customers. We hope to have a Maktaba Chocolate Bar in the future!

Still raining on & off making for mud and terrible traffic.


Blog: First Week in Tanzania

April 29, 2015

On April 27th, Maktaba Managing Director Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, Maktaba Project Chief Admin Officer Maliva Mahiga, and board members Stephen and Judith Smith had a fruitful meeting with ¬†Alexander Leveque, the High Commissioner of Canada, at his office in Dar es Salaam. He shared his governments’ current initiatives, with a strong emphasis on health programs related to women. Canada’s commitment to Tanzania is considerable. A table in his office displayed a number of small airplane models, his off hours- passion